Why Choosing a Non-Toxic Mattress Makes Sense

Why Choose a Non-Toxic Mattress?

If you are interested in making a significant investment in your health, you can make the best possible choice in a non-toxic mattress. Seriously, why would you sleep on anything that potentially contains heavy metals or toxic chemicals? When selecting your bedding, you need to know more than which materials the mattress is made of. You also need to know whether the organic bedding you choose is going to be an excellent choice for you or not. The better educated you are about this aspect of mattress buying, the better off you are likely to be. Did I mention harmful chemicals?

Why are Non-Toxic Mattresses popular?

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The main reason why organic mattresses are gaining popularity again is that people become aware of environmental issues and their growing desire to create an environment that they feel comfortable in. Also, medical research has proven that these types of mattresses are healthier since they do not contain any chemicals that can cause health problems,, especially when sleeping on them every night where your body gets complete contact with the surface. People have become more conscious of what kind of products they purchase and use and how their products affect the environment around them. 

Types of Non-Toxic Mattresses to Choose from

There are several different types of organic bedding available. Some are available from online companies, and some are only available in specialty bedding stores. It would be best if you always investigated all the available options before deciding on which one to purchase. It would be best if you considered any special considerations that you have, such as allergy problems, water absorption issues, or chemical sensitivities, when you are making your selection.

If you’re indeed looking for organic bedding, you would be searching for organic wool, natural latex, organic latex, or organic cotton, for example. Not a mattress that includes any harsh chemicals, chemical flame retardants, or anything with high VOC levels. And organic bedding in general, or a non-toxic mattress specifically, would consist of; a mattress protector or even hybrid mattresses.

 Let us discuss the five main types of organic mattresses:

1 Wool Mattress

This type is mainly used for babies. Wool has natural fire-resistant properties. It is not prone to infestations of dust mites and bed bugs as it contains lanolin that keeps it clean and free from germs. The wool mattress can last up to 10 years with proper care. This type is expensive but long-lasting due to its texture, elasticity, and resistance to pressure.

2 Hemp Mattress

A mattress made of hemp is very durable and lasts for a long time. It conducts heat efficiently and provides good support to the body, hence relieving pain in the joints. Its texture is firm as it has no lumps since it is not filled with any down or foam. This type of bedding is excellent for those with allergies and asthma. It keeps away dust mites and bed bugs as it naturally absorbs moisture from the body.

3 Cotton Mattress

Cotton mattresses are usually recommended for children due to their soft texture. They are easily washed, dried, ventilated, and hypoallergenic properties. This material ( natural fibers) allows air to pass through them, making these mattresses very breathable for those who tend sweating during their sleep. This type of mattress has been known to last up to 20 years which is longer than other mattresses since there is no added latex or polyurethane foam in them.

4 Latex Mattress

It offers excellent support compared to other types of mattresses, which makes it a more preferred choice for people with back problems. It is also fire resistant and dust mite resistant. It feels soft on the body compared to the firmer feel of other types of mattresses; hence this type is recommended for people who have arthritis and joint pain.

5 Woolen Mattress

This type has similar properties as that of wool mattress except that this one contains synthetic materials which are fireproof. This material keeps away bed bugs, dust mites and helps prevent allergies in children. The only disadvantage to this type is that it costs more than other types of mattresses. This makes it less likely to be chosen by those looking for cheaper alternatives when purchasing a new mattress, but if you are looking for a long-lasting bed, then this one is the best.

What are the Advantages of Non-Toxic Mattresses

non-toxic mattressThere are many reasons why choosing an organic mattress. 

One of the advantages of organic bedding is that the materials will be much more comfortable than traditional materials. You will find that the organic materials will mold to the shape of your body. The materials are going to be better for your body and the environment. They are also going to last longer. In many cases, you can purchase the bedding and put it together yourself, making it an excellent project for the environmentally conscious person.

 Since organic bedding is made from natural materials, like a natural latex mattress, the sleep will be much more restful. You are not going to be tossing and turning at night worrying about dust mites or other allergens. Also, you will not have to deal with skin irritations that often come with traditional materials. An excellent organic bedding set will generally be made from natural cotton or bamboo fibers, providing a nice relaxed feeling on your skin.

Another reason is going to be because they are going to be a little bit healthier. This is because all of the components are organic in nature. You are not going to be putting harmful chemicals or any toxic materials into your body through the materials used to make the bed. If you are concerned about going green, there are many different options that you can look into to find the right natural mattress to fit your needs.

 Since the organic bedding is going to be so comfortable, you will not end up waking up at night having to move or stretch to get a good night’s sleep. This is very important for people who are short on sleep or those who have health issues. They do not want to wake up and have to deal with the pain and discomfort of a bad mattress. Since organic materials are so comfortable, people will be less likely to toss and turn in their sleep. This can be pretty dangerous for those people who toss and turn all night long.

The most important thing that you want is to get a good night’s sleep. Organic mattresses are made from organic cotton, wool, or hemp. Organic is a term used to identify products that are produced in an environment free of toxic chemicals. These types of mattresses will be more substantial and last longer than non-organic mattresses. There is also less chance for their development of bed bugs or dust mites. They make your body feel freer as they help to release negative ions. An advantage of these mattresses is that you will have a better quality of sleep because they are made from natural materials and essential oils. 

Why Does an Organic Mattress Cost More 

An organic mattress is going to be a little more expensive than one that is not organic. This is due to the materials used in the bed and the cost of living in a world that is becoming more expensive by the day. Since you will not be replacing your mattress very often, it is wise to invest in a quality mattress. This is something that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Many people end up purchasing a new mattress every five years, and this is just too much of a gamble. Purchasing a non-toxic mattress reduces the risk.

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When you start looking at the different types of organic mattresses, you will find some great ones on the market today. Keep in mind that some companies spend a lot of money to advertise that their mattresses are the best on the market. This is planned to gain your business and convince you that you need their products. Ensure that you understand the prices of the organic mattress that you are interested in before you commit to buying it.  

Ok, So You Have Finally Decided to buy a Non-Toxic Mattress. What Next?

With organic mattresses, we come across many such manufacturers who make claims about using natural materials in making these types of mattresses. Still, it is good to be cautious since there are also fraudulent manufacturers and dealers out there who will sell you a non-toxic organic mattress. Still, it does not contain any natural materials. 

Hence, when purchasing one of these mattresses, always look for a manufacturer or dealer who can show you the list of ingredients used in making that type of mattress so that you know whether it contains no chemicals at all.

Just in case you still haven’t decided ……..

5 (not so) Fun Facts about Toxic Mattresses

As the market for non-toxic mattresses grows, you would think that it would be easy to find information about the benefits of these mattresses. Your search might even end up with you feeling like a bird in an endless sea of scum and foam. Well, we’ve done some research on this matter ourselves, so you don’t have to go through that trouble. here are five interesting facts about toxic mattresses:

#1 fact: They’re not as popular as they used to be (we call it “the death of conventional mattress”)

Recently there has been a staggering surge in popularity for non-toxic mattresses – at least 15% each year for the past three years or so. If you have ever bought a mattress in the last five years, you would know for sure that this is no exaggeration. There has been a continuous decrease in sales year after year when it comes to conventional innerspring mattresses (the ones made of synthetic materials and toxic fire retardants). What’s up with that?

#2 fact: They’re incredibly expensive…to produce AND to buy!

According to an article by the environmental working group, the production cost of one queen-size mattress can reach as high as $4,000. And that’s just for the essential equipment needed to start production! Then if you factor in labor costs, market price, and other expenses such as marketing and distribution costs – it’ll easily add up to 20 to 30% of the retail price. Now you know why toxic mattresses cost so darn much.

#3 fact: They’re awful for your health!

One study found that mercury from conventional mattress foam leaches into the air and inhaled by people sleeping near them – and when you consider how many people are breathing in these fumes every day, it’s no wonder more and more cases of insomnia and lethargy have been reported recently. Another disturbing discovery was that the urine from pregnant women with chemical sensitivities was tested to contain twice as many chemicals linked to cancer than non-pregnant women without them! Can this stuff get any worse?

#4 fact: They’re made of various materials, some of which will make you worry about your health!

We’ve discussed the harmful effects of polyurethane foams, but what about other components found in a conventional mattress? Buckwheat hulls are natural insulators with excellent sound-proofing capabilities and make a lot of sense if you’re living in a flat where you don’t want to disturb neighbors. They’re also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial – so why use toxic foam instead? another component found in many mattresses is latex. It’s naturally bouncy and conforms to the shape of your body while providing pressure relief at the same time. However, some latex mattresses contain natural rubber derived from plants (latex) which is a good thing because natural rubber is harvested without toxic solvents. You have to make sure your latex mattress doesn’t contain synthetic materials such as polyurethane or PVC because those are made with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals. A non-toxic mattress won’t present these issues.

#5 fact: They don’t last very long! (not a good thing)

Because textile and foam mattresses are filled with various types of polymers and fillers that create that familiar “mattress feel,” they break down fast – which means all-too-familiar sagging after only a few years of regular use. This short lifespan also brings another undesirable side effect: many conventional mattresses come with limited warranties – usually just 5 or 6 years…and some even faster! So you’re pretty much stuck with that mattress for the rest of your life. Now, let’s summarize all 5 points into one significant conclusion: toxic mattresses are seriously detrimental to health, costly to produce and buy, will put you at risk for various diseases, including cancer, have shorter lifespans than a non-toxic mattress, and primarily use harmful materials in their construction. If those reasons are not enough to why you would never want a conventional mattress – then I don’t know what is!

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