Kite Surfing in Florida for Wind Chasers and Wave Hunters

Kite surfing in Florida (or kiteboarding) is an amazing sport that can take you to places in the world that you have never imagined. Of all the places to kite surf, Florida must be one of the very best. It is often seen on Florida beaches, but it isn’t just a fair-weather pass time. It can be done alone or in a group and it’s an exhilarating experience which is not affected one bit if the weather is cold and by the fact that you or the ones with you are fully clothed.

Kite Surfing is a Way Of Living

There are just so are many places you can go to kite surf in Florida. The locations of which are unique to each one of them. You can get the information about kite surfing from travel guides, surf camp instructors or from others who have gone there before. There is no specific equipment that is needed to learn how to kitesurf. There are several pieces of equipment that one would need though. These are the kite, the line and the surfboard.

What Equipment Do You Need To Kitesurf?

A kite is a piece of equipment that you can buy or rent. The ideal kite will be shaped like a wing in the air. Kite surfing is more fun when done with a disc-shaped kite. Kite surfing can take place in a canyon, a ridge, a sea or in a big wide open space. Generally speaking, a sheltered bay is the best place for novices to do it since waves are not that big and the water is warm. However, you can do it anywhere where the terrain is wide open.

Kite Surfing in Florida is for Wind Chasers and Wave Hunters!

In beach kite surfing in Florida and elsewhere, the waves tend to come in groups. Depending on the location and weather conditions, you can count on getting a couple of wave cycles every few minutes. But this is not typical. The waves that will come into your cove may be unpredictable. But, that’s part of the fun – anticipating a great wave!

Do you need to be Athletic?

If you have a surfboard, you can still learn a lot about kite surfing by practising on a surfboard before your first outing. If you are a beginner, this can be a great experience. Since the waves can vary, you will not get familiar with the swell direction. So you will have to guess the direction. It is a great way to learn since if you get it right, you will get to go out and do it again.

If you go in the morning, go early enough to fit in the surfing session. Ideally, if it is sunny Florida, it will be warm even at 9 or 10 am. Most people like to do their kite surfing in Florida in beautiful weather. That is why it is important to go to a place that is sunny and has a warm breeze. The warm breeze cools down the water so that you can get in a session with the waves that will come.

Sun Protection While Kite Surfing

As it is usually going to be sunny, it is important to take a sunblock product with you onto the beach and use it copiously. There is no better way.

You need to protect every spot of your body that will come under direct sunlight. Ignoring that fact could cause problems for your skin. The other problem is, once you are out and surfing, you have to take care of yourself. So it is better to go early and late in the day.

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Packing Your Surf Board and Kite

Before you leave, pack your board. If you have a surfboard, pack your fins since you cannot set them in the sand since the surf can dig them out. But you can bring your surfing shoes for rocky beaches. Also, pack your goggles since you will be wearing them.

As it is often a hot day, bring lots of water and lots of sunscreens. And just think of bringing a first aid kit in case of trouble.

Kite Surfing and Wind Blown Sand

If you will be surfing off a beach backed by dunes and dry sand, on days with very strong off-shore winds, then cover your nose and mouth as sand can get in them.

Take care to look out for sand in your eyes. Beach sand can get inside your goggles. Take great care not to let sand in your goggles fall into your eyes and cause eye inflammation.

Whether windy or just a breeze, do always bring your surfboard.

Safety When Kite Surfing – The Importance of Lifeguards

One of the most important things that you will notice on the best kite surfing beaches is the lifeguards. The lifeguards will monitor the beach from the day’s beginning to its end.

For kite surfing in Florida and how the local lifeguards approach it, there is always a big emphasis on safety. They may try to improve safety by going from beach to beach checking that there are no unregistered kite surfing kids on the beaches. Kites come in many shapes and sizes, and some can be dangerous. If local rules apply and there are unregistered kite kids on the beaches ignoring the requirements, then they can summon the local law enforcement to go bust them.

Lifeguards Can Are Your Friends

All regular kite surfers in Florida are encouraged to get to know the lifeguards. They can help protect you from having accidents and will you help if a mishap occurs.

You do not need to say hi to them when you first get there. There are no rules like that. You can kitesurf up and down the beach and then when you take a rest they may come up to talk to you.

Then you can talk to them. And when they are talking to you, you may pick up some local tips about great places and times for kite surfing locally.

Lifeguards Know A Good Kitesurfer when they See One

If you brag about your surfing prowess though watch out! Make sure you are telling the truth. They will know whether or not you are lying or telling the truth. The false claims some people make will make the lifeguards laugh. If you are a novice kitesurfer you won’t kid them! They spend all summer long watching kite surfing and they know the best from the novice in a flash of the eyeball!

Kitesurfing at the Evening Beach Closing

One of the most enjoyable kitesurfing times you can have at a busy beach is just the closing time. After the closing time, it will be closed to all surfing for the rest of the day.

But while all the other bathers are leaving the beach, there are a few minutes of the almost empty beach when the kitesurfer can let go of all caution and surf with gay abandon. Most people will be packing up and changing their clothes and will watch your antics as well so if you like an audience that is your moment.

Florida Lifeguards do a Wonderful Job

At this time of day, the lifeguards will want you to stop all your surfing and come in. You may not want to do that.

But you have to be extra careful about what you say to the lifeguards. You have to be especially careful about not being rude to them. Never tell them they are spoiling the fun of all the kids that are at the beach.

Lifeguards have a job to do. If you lie to them about how you will come back onto the beach in 5 minutes and stay in the surf you may be banned for several days on some beaches. That is not a good thing to have to happen. So be extra cautious about what you say to the Florida lifeguards.

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